chant du coeur

This parfume is the reason I headed to Grasse, France in 1993. Although the juice was heavier side to Japanese scent preference and shouldn’t have been simply a Japan-only scent, it was distributed in Japan only and surprisingly created in Grasse for well-known Japanese beauty house!

“Chant du Coeur” is described as “a song born from the Earth’s heart”, which spoke to me in depth. In fact, I pre-ordered it without having sniffed the juice. I was impressed at this well-executed marketing promotion (a long before I was in advertising industry!)

BGM of TVCM was given by Dreams Come True (a long time popular J-pop group), a perfect match with this uplifting fragrance. The tag line was “やがて心が歌いだす” (soon your heart is singing.) As watching this TVCM, I felt I was ready to sing and dance in my springy flare skirt in a greenish park. Too bad that I don’t remember the title of the song, nor can find the number on YouTube.

As soon as having Chant du Coeur in my hand, my heart was singing. So, I was heading to Grasse where the juice was created. None of the fragrances is close to Chant du Coeur that I enjoyed from every touch-point: advertising, poster, sales associate, package, flacon and finally juice.

Sadly this discontinued fragrance shall revive in my spirit forever and ever…

Note: Green Floral
Nose: Edouard Flechier
Flacon: Angela Cummings
Feelings: Lighthearted, Up-lifting, Earthy, Playful


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