viktor & rolf hate cardamon!?

spicebomb_blotterssoliflorenotes” picked me as the recipient of the two tickets to The Birth of a Scent: Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb at (MAD) Museum of Arts and Design, a rare opportunity to learn the process behind the creation of this work of art, led by olfactory artist Carlos Benaim, who was part of the creative team behind Spicebomb, and curator Chandler Burr.

The creation process lasted about 2 years since the fragrance house was commissioned to work on this project. We got to sniff some ingredients of the Spicebomb juice, which was included and not included, bergamot, vetiver, pink pepper… Cardamon which audience wowed was omitted in the final product. The duo, Vikotr & Rolf are not fan of Cardamon!

I would say 90% of audience was not from the fragrance industry (Yeah!) Then I thought consumer wold love to know such story and feel closer to the designers and creators. I had an opportunity promoting its sister fragrance “Flowerbomb” at Bloomie’s in 2011. I wished L’Oreal, a marketing company who distributes Viktor & Rolf, provided “proper” training before I headed to the floor. I would totally love to share such information with my customers. Any touch points would create emotional connection, especially such a story…


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