jasmine tea

My recent trip to Los Angeles (thanks to my day job!) brought me a memory of my grandma, whom I remember as a scent of Jasmin Tea.

I’ve been looking for “Jasmine Tea” scent, not Jasmine! And I finally encountered Ciel d’Opale at Scent Bar and Child Perfume and Naivete of Memoire Liquide at Fred Segal last weekend. A first sniff, I find Naivete most authentic Jasmine Tea scent, yet Child and Ciel d’Opale evolve into more authentic one later on.

Why jasmine tea = grandma? She was raised in China and returned to Japan in adulthood with her own family including my mother right after the Second World War. Long after she’s gone from my life, I learned that she was born in China. China was pretty much her motherland. She often brewed Jasmine Tea, I remember. I don’t know if she was enjoying the time travel to her childhood in China while drinking…

Ciel d’Opale Notes – Quince note, Calabrian lemon, galbanum, Sichuan pepper, cassie pays, jasmine, mock orange, honeysuckle, amber, cedar wood, guaiac wood, vetiver, sandalwood, hint of vanilla.

Child Notes: Top: Vanilla, Lilac, Faint Magnolia; Heart: Jasmine, Tuberose, Violet; Base: Crème Musk, Rose, Mimosa.

Naviete Description – An intoxicating, exotic alter of tropical Pikele le flowers and soft musk-at once innocent and childlike, yet compeling sensual.



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