scented aura readings

It was a one-of-a-kind experience. I met Yosh Han in person not long ago, but I’ve known her for some time from my friend at Soliflorenotes. August 2012 at the Elements Showcase, I got to know Yosh a bit more. She engages with you in depth, reads your aura and selects a fragrance for you from her collection. After reading, Yosh pointed out U4EAHH! 2.43 – euphoric (Yosh → Aromatic Arts → U4EAHH! 2.43) If you have met me, you wouldn’t have disagreed with her. I regained confidence.

Fragrance family: Fruity, Green floral
CHAKRA: 4, Heart
Numerology: 3, Friendly, Social, Artistic
Affirmation: I create he life  want. My life is juicy!
Color: Yellow, Optimism, Youth, Creativity, Playfulness
Mood: Extreme happiness  → ahhh, felicia!


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